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How do I choose my delivery date and time?

Choose your delivery date and time during Checkout page. Standard delivery time is between 10AM till 4PM. Allow approximate 1.5 hour of buffer time before/after the chosen delivery time. For example, if 2PM is selected, customer may expect the bouquet will be sent between 12:30NOON and 3:30PM.

Contact us if you wish to deliver the flower out of the designated time frame, minor charges may be applied depends on situation.

For all standard orders, order has to be made before 11AM ONE DAY PRIOR.
 For example, customer wants the flower to be delivered on Friday, that order has to be made before Thursday 11AM.

How do I make same day delivery?

Contact us for availability. We will do our best to assist you. Minor charges may be applied for emergency order depends on situation.

How do I make last minute order?

If your delivery is less than 24 hours from the time of payment, contact us for availability. We will do our best to assist you. Minor charges may be applied for emergency order depends on situation.

How do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is made through delivery third party i.e. Lalamove, MrSpeedy Malaysia, Grab etc. Delivery fares is calculated from their system based on distance from our office. Default delivery is by motorbike. Note that motorbike cargo has limited space, and it is suitable to deliver small and medium bouquet, as well as some regular bouquets. It is suitable for most of the boquuets. For expensive bouquet and large bouquet, we would highly suggest customer to choose car delivery.

Note that delivery fares is higher if you opt for car delivery instead of motorbike. Advisable to opt for car delivery if you have ordered expensive bouquet, please contact us to request for car delivery. We would not be responsible for any damages of an expensive bouquet resulted from motorbike delivery.

How do I proceed self-pick up?

Customer can opt for self-pick up at Kota Damansara. Contact us for appointment.

What if recipient is absent from the delivery location?

Orders are delivered ONCE. If the recipient is not home/office, the flowers/bouquet will be sent to their house/gate/guard house or to their office desk/colleague/receptionist. Sender will be solely responsible for the consequences resulted from the absence and failure of recipient to receive the product.


I can’t seem to process my order.

Proceed all the required steps, including delivery information and others. We will still be able to receive order details for flower preparation.
Contact us for manual payment, we will calculate the delivery fares for you.

How do I proceed manual payment?

Direct bank transfer is available. Send us the transaction receipt for proof.


How do I cancel my order?

You will be charged with 20% of processing/handling fee when you request for order cancellation. Changes of amount charged may apply in different situations and shall be determined when necessary.


What kind of bouquets do you provide?

We provide all sorts of bouquets for most occasions, follow these steps to view our product catalogue:

For mobile phone website/ desktop split screen version:

Click Menu> Shop> Click “+”

For desktop website full view version:

Move your mouse cursor to “Shop”, catalogue will be shown automatically

Can I customise and design the bouquet I want?

Yes, we welcome our customer to customise their flowers according to their requirement. We understand some designs are not in our website, just provide us some reference photos and we can start our discussion. Contact us for more info.

Can I make bulk purchase and negotiate with price?

Yes, we welcome any form of discussion, contact us for more info.

Why is the bouquet different from picture?

Wrapping style and flower arrangement maybe different according to current situation. Wrapping paper might be crumbled a bit due to transportation, gently pull up the paper to make it tidy and nice. In case there is any shortage of some particular flower/material, our side will substitute same value material/flower for customer. Contact us for more info.

Why does my bouquet look less fresh? 

We can assure you that we use fresh flowers for each of your bouquet. Flowers are fresh upon delivery. Fresh flowers may be slightly affected due to weather and transportation and time. Kindly allow some tolerance due to these factors.

If by any chance that your bouquet happened to look less appealing, quickly put them into a cold room or a refrigerator and spritz clean water to the flowers. You can snip the corners of the petals (for roses: you can peel off the entire unappealing petal). These tricks should help your bouquet to look better.

If you are still unsatisfied, make sure you have read through the product description and terms and conditions (this page) before order, or opt for car delivery by request, or opt for self pick up, or opt for expensive imported flower bouquet. If you still cannot accept, maybe you should reconsider your order from us.

If your bouquet looked completely affected, contact us for more info.


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