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RM 350.00


  Mix & Match from One course up to Three courses   

1) Hand-Tied Bouquet

Elementary and classic choice for everyone who is interested in creating their own bouquet. During this workshop, students will learn/do revision on elegant bouquet wrapping technique. Suitable for first timer, hobby lover or even florist-to-be!

2) Baby Breath Bouquet

Baby breath symbolises purity of love and this catches most of the hearts from girls. Learn the method how to prepare a fairy tale baby breath bouquet!

3) Floral Basket / Floral Box

Hands-on making your own floral garden within a box or basket! Experience a fun learning process within this course!

4) Bridal Bouquet

Learn how to make a basic iconic bridal hand bouquet! Who knows one day you will be making your very own bridal bouquet or for your lovely friend!

5) Vase Arrangement

Love to make a lovely vase arrangement as home décor? Learn the steps and start to create your own home décor. Bring your own vase (size: small/medium) and bring your floral artwork back home once our class is done!


  1. You learn what you want. Choose any one, two or three courses from above.
  2. Flowers and materials included.
  3. Wear comfy attire for hot tropical weather. Thick garment is highly not recommended.
  4. Bring water to hydrate your body. You ready to attend our workshop!
  5. Choose only ONE colour scheme for the course(s). For recommendation and elementary learners, we suggest summer colour scheme (red, pastel pink/champagne) for the course(s) that you have chosen. Further detailed customisation for each different course is only available in PRIVATE WORKSHOP FULL SET which includes supplier tour.
  6. One course RM350. Two courses RM680. Three courses RM950.
  7. Entitled 20% Discount for next session.
  8. Class duration for one course is 3 hours. Two courses 4.5 hours. Three courses 6 hours. Allow extra one hour in case you need to plan for your daily itinerary.
  9. One/two/three courses are to be held in one same day.
  10. We recommend you discuss the date of the workshop before any payment. We are quite flexible on weekdays. Weekends are normally fully booked, advance booking is required if you opt for weekend.
  11. Approximate 10 imported roses for each course, accompanied with other basic fillers and foliage.
  12. For more info, welcome to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp 0162123799. It’s our pleasure to assist you on any clarification.

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